Life After Grieving

Grief is something that can difficult to deal with and it does have stages that we go through. By trying to avoid the stages and being in denial will only lead to worse and longer feelings of depression, hut and pain.  Give yourself time to grieve and know that it takes long. It might take longer than it should but so what, just allow the process to happen. The most important part of grieving is to ensure that you heal and this can only happen if you are able to let out your emotions and speak to someone about them. Do not hold them in as this will lead to other problems. Expressing emotions and feelings are important to continue on after grieving as you need to open the door and then close it again once you are ready.
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  • Great advice! Many people think it is a sign of weakness to grieve but it is normal since we are all humans with feelings.

    When I grieve, the tears come first, then the silence and thinking, thinking, thinking. But when I talk to someone about it with tears flowing down my cheeks; it's over and over time I feel better because I was able to accept and face the situation.
  • I think it can be hard for some people to adjust after the grieving period is over and may look back and have fear or doubt that no one understands what they are going through, and need to talk to someone so they are not sad or depressed. I know how it feels like losing people close to me in death was hard and felt like it is not real and in my dreams, it was like they were in a better place and we were altogether and they were not gone from earth at all. It can be hard to move forward in life but with other people's help it can be easy and if they care and understand you, then you feel like you are not alone and can have someone to guide you in your journey.
  • Thank you for sharing! It is so important to be able to have an outlet for emotions even if you talk to a stranger as long as you get it all out because there is no way to be fine unless you have faced that you are not fine.
  • Many who try not to deal with grief and turn to drugs as way to cope with their loss often find that it's a "remedy" that has little effect. It most certainly make you forget for a little while but once you sober up . . .

    To heal, you have to allow yourself to feel. Cry. Let it all out. Accept that you won't be getting back the person you lost an let them live in your memory. After that the pain will subside . . . and you can move on.
  • Thanks for stating things so thoroughly. I think people who go through a traumatic experience do need to go through the process of grieving. But they also need support, and they should be reassured that they won't be left alone to deal with a burden that's too heavy for them. 
  • its absolutely necessary and it cant get better for you until the grieving process has been experienced as holding it all in and thinking you will be fine will not help and it definitely wont get you anywhere but lost
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