Dealing with my hubby terminal cancer

High I have always drank since my teens. My husband has been told he only have months to live, my drinking is getting out of control. I just don't know how to deal with it. Feeling lost
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  • @kallumcon8 hello and welcome. i'm so sorry about your husband... i imagine that is tremendously difficult for you...  and would be challenging for anyone...

    there are various things you may try... are you able to see a counselor? maybe the hospital has a support group.... some hospitals do, and it's worth asking them what they may find some support being around others, whether it's a grief support group, or recovery group. you may call your hospital to see... or the mental health agency in your local area.

    there is AA support group too. not sure if you're wanting to try that. and maybe you have a good friend you can go to in this time? church?

    we are here to support you however we can. again, i'm so sorry for what you are going through.... sending you so much love right now...
  • Hi dominica

    Thanks for your comment, I will try to see what support I can get to help me instead of reaching for the bottle. I have not had a drink in 2 days. I know I have a long way to go but at least it's a start.

    I want to stop drinking to support myself and family when the end comes for my husband. I find as well when I drink I am very angry and keep crying.

    Thanks again
  • @kallumcon8 that's great you've gone 2 days without...i'm sure you are full of many emotions... yes, drinking will make you feel worse... there are feelings there...would be beneficial to share them in a support group or in counseling... journaling may help too.... and you are free to express yourself here too!

    how are you doing today??

    sending you big hug!
  • @kallumcon8 hey there! how are you doing? just thinking of you and wanted to check in...

    here for you!
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