Weekend is here: Motivation Mojo!

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hey everyone! the weekend arrives! let's keep each other motivated to stick to sober and clean living! i've tagged those who are pretty active lately who have decided to stop drinking or drugging.... please @ any people i've missed.. or add yourself!

weekends can be tough, be we can be tougher! rise to the challenge, reach out if you need... give some inspiration or mojo...

and have a great weekend being true to you and your goals!
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  • This weekend I'm doing my first talk at a library about my book and porn addiction in general...scared to death, but in a good way! Everybody have a good weekend.
  • @JoshuaShea that's awesome!! wow! so happy to hear this and glad you are courageously out there sharing and inspiring and giving people hope. you rock!

    will be thinking of you and sending so much good vibes! <3
  • @dominica I saw this and have now volunteered to be the driver when I go out tomorrow. I know I'll have a great time sober!
    @JoshuaShea Best of luck with your talk, that takes real guts!
  • This will be 3rd weekend sober - going for it! Appreciate the motivation mojo D! Let’s do this.
  • Thanks for the mojo @dominica! Wishing all my warrior friends a peaceful weekend! @HulkZmash @SalTheGalFromCal thank you for being my first connections here, it means so much to know you have my back! ❤️
  • Good luck @JoshuaShea
    You’re a brave warrior!
  • @Orlean81 - hope you had/have a good trip back home! Stared down some liquor storefronts on my way home and imagined the day I’ll walk in, through and out without concern that it would lead to an inevitable conclusion. Almost felt strong enough to do it today, but not quite...maybe on a Monday instead of a Friday the first time I try that type of Truth or Dare stunt :D

    Here’s to a great Saturday morning!
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    woohoo everyone!! here's to a great weekend no matter what you're doing! i'm house sitting on a farm ;) chickens, cows, NATURRREEEEE! it's delicious!

    here's a great motivational mojo video in case you need some inspiration!!

    got something cool to inspire others? share it!

  • Thanks @dominica I shall gladly join your mojo!! It is a beautiful spring weekend. And I am looking forward. I have got.... hmmmmmm.....104 days 3.5 months!!! NOT ONE stinking gamble!! I am feeling very well. The desire is GONE for now. So I am cruising!!! Tomorrow is church. And a 1230 AA meeting that I lead. We are beginning a 12 step program for 3 to 6 months!!
    My therapy is rocking. My Dr, is amazing!! She opened pandoras box in my soul. I came unglued at the seams. And it has taken me MONTHS to pick up the pieces. I am working toward a better balance of work and play. @TWSJ I went camping. Me. Boat. Fishing poles. Food. Thats all I needed. Spent 2 days alone, colecting my thoughts. My goal in life is to carry the AA NA CR CA and any A group the message. Being.... The Good News!!! ie Gospels. Alovend help the next addict of any sort another way.
    Thanks to ALL who supported me through such a long rough path. BUT..... !!!!!!!...... I am da shit what can!! Lets have some fun. Big ole fat bear hug to all those here.... @Leaker @Deand and My pill free buddy @Goodtr8s Peace out my peeps!!!!
  • @Tommy woohoo!!! you are rocking the message of hope and it is powerful, my friend!!! so glad to hear therapy is helping... IT DOES! i really hope anyone reading this will consider finding a good therapist and make the investment.... the rewards are worth any investment you must make... !!!!

    awesome about camping alone! so therapeutic and good for the soul!!

    you are "da shit"! ;)

    big love and hugs your way tommy! go get 'em with the message of love, freedom, and joy...
  • Sorry, been quiet this weekend, but it hasn't been a quiet weekend. I got my promotion officially, and had the work related party yesterday. My parents as well as uncle and his family traveled up for it, so we have been enjoying the weekend seeing some sights in town. Instead of going out for a fancy dinner tonight, I made the family one myself, stuffed filet of beef, herb roasted asparagus, au gratin potatoes, and of course, King's Hawaiian rolls. Everyone's on the couch downstairs watching hockey and drinking wine. I did a restock run a little while back, but am just sitting on the couch, drinking my water with a little lemon, sitting in the corner, a strange little smile on my face, watching them drink my wine.

    Another week of freedom. It never gets old.
  • Congratulations on the promotion @Leaker! Sounds like a nice family weekend. Good company, good food.

    Glad to hear it never gets old. It sure as hell gets frustrating. Today anyways. Tomorrow will be a breeze.
  • @Leaker congrats on your promotion! that's wonderful and you deserve it!

    yummy dinner! i'm sure they all loved it! so proud of you and grateful for you here in the forum. "my wine"...you made me smile.

    freedom does feel good!
  • Oh, my goodness! Where do I begin to shout, "WHOO HOO!"? @Tommy! You ARE "da-shit", my man in Christ and in recovery!! Your message rocks! YES! As of today I am pill FREE! 36! Last year, when I just about had this many days, I discovered a "stash" in a drawer and "slipped" with them...ouch! No stash this go round tho'!
    @Leaker ! As usual, I enjoyed reading about you and what is going on in your world! CONGRATS on the promotion and just, WOW on cooking the super dinner for family and friends! Yes, I see you on the roof-top watching other's drinking YOUR share...Oh, that's a movie, right? LOL! NO! It's real life for you!

    @SalTheGalFromCal, the frustration is REAL! You have some good spirit going on there! ...and thanks for chiming in! ALWAYS! Our weekend is almost over, @dominica. Thanks for the space to vent, brag, bitch and hope!

    BTW...Is it Spring yet, or no?!?!
  • @Goodtr8s, nope, no spring yet, at least not here. Rain today. Snow tomorrow, thunderstorms after that, probably snow again after that.

    It was pretty funny yesterday. My uncle and his girlfriend are somewhat snobby, and they popped open the bottle of wine after the restock, they pour two glasses, and have a discussion on it. "I was never a believer in the big wine glasses, but it really does make a difference". "I know, it really helps with letting it breathe". "Look at the legs on the glass". "yeah, really great bottle of wine!".

    My drink, especially at the end of my addiction, was red wine. But, in the Easy Way to Stop Drinking, Mr. Carr talked about the absurdity of the "Wine snobs". At its core, wine is spoiled grape juice, yet people go through all this effort to make it so much more than that. The verbiage, the ritual, the "recommendations", and the "pairings". Yesterday was a prime example of that in action. I'd encourage people to dig down to find what their addiction is at its core, and it will probably be just as enlightening.
  • @Leaker i totally agree. human behavior does amaze me much of the time...

  • Sounds like a great weekend Leaker - congrats! The ritual of my addiction is what I am most concerned about getting past in my recovery, regardless of the ridiculousness of it, taking a habit to the level of a ritual just makes it all that more natural to continue...I confront a new aspect of my rituals surrounding my relationship with alcohol almost daily - this is gonna take some serious time to wade through.

    And many in-my-face revelations and challenges that will beckon me to succumb - because it’ll just be easier, and some other reason or another...

    What a deep hole - better start carving some steps up into the side wall of it, or I’m only gonna make it deeper...let’s giterdone!
  • Thank you @dominica & good luck to you all! It’s almost Monday here which means I’m almost at a week and I am actually quite proud of myself for staying with family today! Proud of everyone whether you were able to stay clean/sober or not!!! One day at a time :)
  • Thanks, @dominica. My weekend was tough. My son's depression/anxiety/paranoia are through the roof. So hard to deal with that stuff. He started taking a new medication on Friday, so hopefully that will get into his system soon and make a difference.

    I hope everyone here is doing well. :)
  • @DeanD aw, i'm so sorry. i do understand how you feel...and it's not easy. i pray for him and ya'll....
  • Hope your son is feeling and doing better @DeanD. ❤️
  • Hope your son’s new meds are helping him @DeanD and you both can have more peace.
  • Thank you @dominica, @SalTheGalFromCal, and @blueorchid. Things are a little better here. I appreciate all your well wishes. Mental illness, like addiction, is a b*tch...and a family disease.
  • :'(
    I'm sorry @DeanD ! It must be like walking on eggshells! Tomorrow is Wednesday and I hope the week is getting better! God, Bless your son AND family!
  • @Goodtr8s congrats on your pill free days!! I was so damn proud of myself when I quit Fentanyl pills (even if I am struggling with other addictions, that one was damn hard!)

    Yay @DeanD glad things are looking up this week for you and your son
  • @DeanD - sending some calming care to you and yours. Something will change - it always does, the trick is getting it to change in the right direction!
  • Thanks so much, @HulkZmash. Much appreciated, my friend.
  • dang at @Leaker Sounds like a wonderful supper and visit!! The "grin" on your face, sitting there with water. I have eperienced many times. That feel and grin, are precious. I would not trade them for the world!! Rock on my alki brother!!
  • @Dominica ,
    Thanks for the shout out . Sorry I missed the MOJO until today , but I jumped in the boat Friday morning and cruised from SAV to Hilton Head for the Heritage . I've done that many times over the years , but this was the first time I've done it sober . And dammit , I still got sunburned ! But it was still A Great Day to be Sober !
    @Tommy ,
    I hear you on the camping trip . Now that I have some sobriety under my belt , silent alone time in small doses is necessary for maintaining serenity . But so is going out there and helping others . Sounds like you've got the plan Bro . Trout should be showing up soon , but this weather is crazy . 88 one day and 55 the next !
  • @TWSJ hey you! thanks for checking in! so glad you got to get out and enjoy the water over the weekend!! sounds fun! also great to hear your chipper spirit.

    :) hugs
  • Good to hear from you, @TWSJ! Next time take some SPF100 with you!!!
  • It’s the weekend - time for ‘mojovation’ once again! You can do it!

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