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Dominica Applegate, MA, is an author and recovery advocate/coach dedicated to helping those who are depressed, anxious, codependent, and struggling with alcoholism or addiction. Earning her BA in Psychology and MA in Counseling, she worked in the mental health field for 12 years before starting her own business. She runs Sacred Recovery, an online portal that gives hope to those in addiction and codependency, and has authored numerous books, including "My Partner's An Addict Survival Guide". Find out more at


  • Ann1954
    Hi Dominica! I feel pretty good today. It has been awhile since I could mention that! I think most of the caffeine has left me. I miss the taste and aroma! Anyhow, there are lots of other drinks I can have!
    Have a nice weekend Dominica!
    July 2018
  • Ann1954
    Wednesday, July 18th, 2018
    Hi Dominica
    I feel terrible for a comment I made to someone on Dean’s page..
    I would like to apologize to him because it probably hurt him a great deal.
    My husband left me because he couldn’t cope with my illness after 24 years of marriage. He was very patient but couldn’t go on anymore.
    I am very sorry. I shouldn’t give advice. This comment probably caused him grief.
    I do feel terrible.
    July 2018
    • dominica
      Hi @Ann1954 that's great you got off caffeine. I hope your headache went away!! Not sure what comment you left.... if Dean finds it offensive, he will remove it.

      i hope you're having a good evening.
  • Ann1954
    July 17th, 2018
    Hi Dominica! I hope you have some nice sunshine where you are. It is hot here and has been for quite a few days. This is unusual as I live in a rain forest.
    Well, I managed to stay away from caffeine. I really do feel silly because there are people struggling with substances much harsher and damaging as well as being more difficult to stop taking.
    But it isn't a competition for LOL.
    Anyhow, yesterday I developed a terrible headache and had to take some ibuprofen for some relief. I think my headache is by far the worst withdrawal symptom.
    I am very much hoping that the antidepressant will work better now. It will probably take awhile for me to notice a difference!
    Bye for now Dominica!
    July 2018
  • Lisa1984
    Hi @dominica
    Just wanted your point of view on something.

    When we are in a bad place we attract bad people I believe.

    This happened to me I was lied to and treated badly by someone.
    I really want an apology but I know it will never come.

    I just want to move on and stop feeling hurt and resentful

    July 2018
  • Twill2324
    Hi, I'm new to this.. Addicted to pain killers for 4 years after tearing my acl playing college basketball.. It's been a very tough 4 years.. I'm on Day 2 at this very second.. I keep reading forums for fighting the withdrawal symptoms. It's been pure hell.. I'm just ready to be myself again and be the father I need to be for my two sons. Thank you guys for sharing. It really helps talking with people
    August 2017
    • dominica
      hey there! welcome to the forum!! congrats on day 2! yes, i believe in you and you are ready!! sorry you played your acl. hey, i played hoops till i hit 40! best sport there is! :) post a new thread on the forum so others can respond!
  • Sobertoday
    My name is Steve and am new to this. I am 61 and have dealt with mental health and alcohol most of my life. I am sober 1 week and have a recovery coach and she is awesome. I do not like 12 step meetings as i feel they are a cult. I like smart recovery.
    June 2017
    • dominica
      Hi Steve! Glad to meet you! That's great you are sober 1 week! Congrats!! Having a recovery coach is wonderful!! Feel free to make a new post on the forum... (Hit "New Discussion" tab) I think everyone would benefit from hearing from you! :)
  • Nelsonda45
    I need help dealing with man I love that is now in treatment program after getting his 4 th dui ☹️
    March 2017
  • tormentedme
    @dominica I have so much to deal with starting with borderline personality disorder (have had it since a teen, started with meds and therapy when i was 20-i am 55 now but officially diagnosed about 10years ago and binge drinking. I married a man (5years ago) that has his own issues with anger and other undiagnosed mental health issues. Last night he called the cops on me for the third time. I am seeking online help to help me get a grip on this and more.
    June 2016
    • dominica
      hi there. thanks for reaching out....this forum is a great place to get support and meet some fantastic people. i'm sorry you are struggling....good news is that there is hope... have you posted a new thread on the forum yet? if not, feel free and others will be able to comment and give advice too. we are here to support and encourage you however we can.....i'm super glad you are here reaching out...
    • Lizbeth
      Hi im new here and I don't know where to start first I just would like to know how to deal with an addict that doesn't believe that he is. At tines i think im going crazy bc ill ask him if hes ok bc he will be acting really differnt and he looks at me like im crazy like im the one thats got a problem
  • Brett999
    Hi, I'm new. First comment. I read some of your encouraging comments and thought I'd ask if you could perhaps connect me with someone who is familiar with my situation... I'm sure everyone is unique, but I'm 46 and have a slowly building beer problem that could VERY WELL destroy my perfect job and perfect family. I believe the consequences are building and they will break over my life like a total wave if I don't do something. Thanks for any help.
    May 2016
    • dominica
      Hi @Brett999 hello there! so glad you are here. this is a great forum to connect with others and get the support you need. if i were you, i would start posting threads about your situation and see who responds and get acquainted with the active people on the forum. there are many in your shoes and i have been there myself. lots of help available and i totally believe you can break this habit or addiction!! :)
  • jds
    @dominica -couldn't pass through this time without a nod and a smile. Thanks for being you.
    March 2016
    • dominica
      aw. thank you!! hope all is well with you!! thank you for being you!
  • slacker
    What is love addiction?
    March 2016
    • dominica
      it's also called codependency...when one tends to gain their worth through the attention/approval of another when you are wrapped up in another person...or base your life around them...if they are upset with you, you freak out...are's toxic. unhealthy. there's a lot of info. out there on codependency and love addiction...there is a difference between the two terms, but many just lump them together...hope this helps some. there are great youtube videos too...
  • katbelieves
    Dear Dominica,
    I wanted to thank you for making me feel so welcome to this communtiy and for the awesome advise in helping my 2 daughters. We have tried several psychologist, but have not found the "right fit!" But I will never give up trying.

    A friend of mine mentioned Al-Anon and said it helped her a great deal and I am checking into it at this time.

    You have an awesome and spunky personality, as I once did before I allowed my husband to break me down, but I am a fighter and I will find the "old Katrina," and hopefully get a second wind and become who I was before so much damage has been done to my daughters and myself.

    I thank you for the warm welcome and the advice. I am trying everything to find more information and to help my girls gain their self confidence back and to let go of the past and move ahead towards a bright future.

    I truly appreciate your advice and comments and will take them to heart.

    February 2016
    • dominica
      thank you so much kat! i'm praying for all of you!! you will find the real you again...little by little. keep plugging away at your recovery...your inner work.

      you're an amazing soul...and mother. !! :)