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I came here for support in living with an on & off active opiate addict. I wanted to learn to be the best ME that I could be in that situation. Things changed and I had to make VERY difficult decisions for MYSELF, I am now divorced. It has been a rough ride, but I want to use my experience to help others that are currently or have been in my same position to know they are not alone, that they are not crazy, and that they can find comfort in knowing that. I am a mom, am going to become a Grandma ("GiGi") in April 2019, and I have a spoiled rotten fur baby that I adore. I'm learning to find myself during this journey.


  • Vicbrenan
    Hi! I’m not sure if this is the right way to PM you! I appreciate your response to my post. He does have an addiction problem which is obviously a deeper issue. I had written him a letter last week and forgot to give it to him but he wanted it so I drove out to his house today and some of his family vehicles were there.

    He does have very low self confidence and told me before that he can go days without talking to his friends etc when he’s feeling low... So I was kind of prepared for the blocking and this time he told me he was going to his dads cottage. Which is legit in an area where there likely is poor reception. When I dropped off the letter today I emailed him and did comment on the cars at his house though.... lol... not in an angry way or anything though. I hope no one reads the envelope because it was pretty personal lol

    I don’t particularly like the blocking. Last time he did it he unblocked me and told me he was coming to soccer so I didn’t have a chance to be mad
    August 2018