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Cross-addicted with alcohol and porn, with a side dish of bipolar disorder and PTSD. I opened in September 2017 and my first book, "The Addiction Nobody Will Talk About: How I Let My Pornography Addiction Hurt People and Destroy Relationships" was released in January 2018. My next book "He's an Addict, What Now? An Expert and Former Addict Answer Your Questions" co-authored with Tony Overbay, LMFT, will be out in late 2019/early 2020.


  • Vicbrenan
    Hi, I didn’t want to post this publically... the man i met is a recovery sex addict. He admitted to me that being faithful is hard and he is doing extensive therapy. He said his last 2 relationships were only 2 and 5 months but he was faithful and the women he was with dumped him because of the frequency he wanted sex... He is Christian and following god. I made the mistake of sleeping with him (only once) before I really researched into sex addiction. I felt horrible about it because I feel like I enabled his addiction. He wants us to wait for married now, he hasn’t told me about the abuse or trauma that led to the sex addiction etc. He really is an amazing guy and has many very good qualities that I adore about him.
    June 2019
    • Adam01
      God says to wait and to be faithful to the one you love. I was a male whore and slept with a lot of different women as I went through my life from 15 yrs old to 27. I found only personla satisfaction but knew that there was so much more and grew up in church. I finally had my aunt beleive in me and ask me to go to a singles group outing. The reason I'm telling you this is because that's the night i met my wife. I fell in love with her then. I'm use to haveing sex with them the first or second date, but she was an actual preachers daughter who wanted to wait. She never had sex nor has she ever dated anyone so to her being afraind of falling into temptation. We have just celibrated our 7th anniversary and have a 1 yr old and a 4 yr olsd. I aslo was a sex addict, but found that when you wait or give yourself to one person completely that you will find more compasion and have petter love than you did when it was just someone. My problem now is alcohol that Im strugaling with.