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Cheryl is working on her MS in Substance Abuse Counseling and also has several years of experience working for drug treatment centers as a content specialist. Cheryl is extremely passionate about substance abuse and the treatment of it because she has been effected by it on so many different levels. Although Cheryl does not suffer from the disease of addiction, many of her immediate family members have. In addition, Cheryl and her husband were fortunate enough to be able to adopt a baby boy at birth, who was born drug addicted. Now, at the age of five, even with his Sensory Processing Disorder and high functioning Autism, he is still the apple of their eye. Just months ago, Cheryl lost her 20 year old daughter to an accidental Vicodin overdose. Since, Cheryl and her husband have founded a group called, Prescription Drug Abuse Militia, in an attempt to weed out heavy handed doctors who write dangerous and highly addictive prescriptions unnecessarily, to organize drug take back days, to speak at schools and churches about the dangers of these drugs, and finally to educate and work on laws about Narcan. Cheryl lives in Michigan with her husband, Jeff, of 23 years, her 21 year old daughter, Brittnee, and five year old son, Zacharius. Cheryl also has three grandchildren. Cheryl spends her free time with family and cooking.