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  • Goodtr8s
    @ocean...have you on my mind today. Hope you can check in sometime soon.
    June 2017
    • ocean
      OMG! I just had to talk to myself for 15 minutes! I went to pick up a nice healthy salad & of course it wasn't ready & a waitress walked in front of me with an ice cold big goblet of white wine! There was one seat left at the bar area & I would have sat down, had 2 glasses of wine while I waited and then went to the liquor store to buy a bottle of wine and so on.....instead I kept convincing myself that I need to stand in the lobby and wait which I did and just eating at home now with a cold iced green Tea! This was a tough moment but I made it! Day 13 today and I want it to continue! Hope all is going well with you!
    • Goodtr8s
      Daily life can be tough! So, good for you!
      Sometimes I just miss using, I miss the small calm feeling.

      You asked me about AA. Yes, I've gone to AA to NA and to OA (over eaters anonymous) I'm pretty familiar with the 12 steps and the higher power concept. BUT, I was not in my home town and no one new me and now that I'm needing it again, I'm afraid to go for seeing someone I know, too. Maybe if you begin online with learning all you can about the program, it will entice you to go to a meeting or two. How sure are you of seeing someone? I DID enjoy the community feeling, but, it got old. Still today, I try to incorporate some of their steps and beliefs.
      Maybe there are even online meetings?? I'll look, too.